Karin Knudson

Hello! I am a fifth year graduate student in mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin, studying with Dr. Rachel Ward and Dr. Jonathan Pillow. My research interests include computational neuroscience and compressed sensing. In particular, I am working on problems in estimating information-theoretic quantities from neural spike train data, spike sorting algorithms, and one-bit compressed sensing.

I enjoy research and teaching in math and mathematical biology, and also many other things, including running, rock climbing, yoga, and just about anything that involves being outdoors.

Some links I like:
  • the Pillow lab blog, at UT Austin
  • Rachel Ward's page
  • Saturday Morning Math Group - fun weekend math talks and activities for middle and high school students, led by UT math faculty and graduate students.
  • Duolingo - I recently discovered this great language-learning website, and have been a bit obsessed with working my way through the French and German sections.
  • Coastal Studies for Girls - a great program for high school girls, focusing on science and leadership, and where I spent spring 2012.