I love teaching. I am extremely passionate about teaching mathematics, and about continuing to learn how to teach it better. I have been involved in teaching both within and outside of UT and am also very committed to outreach with the broader community. A few of these experiences are mentioned below; for a more complete list of teaching activities in which I have been involved, please see my CV.

Here are some courses for which I have been a teaching assistant:

Office hours for Mathematical Biology, Spring 2014: TBA, RLM 10.126

In Spring and Fall 2013, I coordinated the Saturday Morning Math Group and Sunday Math Circle , which are UT's math outreach programs for middle and high school students. These groups run twice-monthly weekend math sessions with UT professors and students. We also host the AMC 8, 10, and 12 exams for interested students each year. To check out what's going on with the Saturday Morning Math Group now, see their current schedule.

I have also participated as a mentor in the math department's new Directed Reading Program, which is designed to pair graduate student mentors with interested undergraduates for a reading program in advanced mathematics. To read more about the Directed Reading Program, or if you are an undergraduate interested in signing up for next semester, click here .

In Spring 2012, I worked as residential assistant at Coastal Studies for Girls . This is a fantastic semester program in Maine for sophomore girls, focusing on science and leadership. I highly recommend it to high school girls looking for challenging and unforgettables experience in science, leadership, and the outdoors. It was a joy to be involved in this program for a semester.

If you are, or have recently been, enrolled in one of the courses for which I am a TA, you are welcome to provide teaching feedback or request more time on a certain topic next class with this form