June 14, 2020

A reading list about race and racism in statistics, math, machine learning and data science

I put together this reading and viewing list for myself because I am not as far along as I would like to be in my understanding of issues of race and racism as they relate to mathematics, statistics, and data science. I am posting my list here in case it can be helpful to anyone else, and in the hopes that others may reach out and contribute more suggestions so that I can expand it.

Especially if our experience with this fields has primarily been one of privilege, it can be too easy to forget that, for all of their abstraction, math, statistics, and machine learning are created by humans and in a human context. Their development and applications directly affect the injustice or justice of the world we inhabit.



Talks, Spoken Word, Film

* Note: I didn't link to the books on, say, Amazon, on the theory that it could be a great time to support a local book store, if it makes sense for you and is safe.